LATTF First Season Concluded

  • Division 1
    1. LATTA 1
    2. Saigon Boys
  • Division 2
    1. West Covina
    2. 3 Black Men
  • Division 3
    1. ATAK / LATTA 4 (Tie-breaker to be determined)
  • Division 4
    1. WLT
    2. Westside Whiplash
  • Division 5
    1. No Spin Choppers
    2. The Gray Blades

Monday, August 24, 2009

A Clean Sweep

The California Awesome Five:
  • Ariel Hsing
  • Lily Zhang
  • Natalie Sun
  • Sylvan Guo
  • Erica Wu
The five California girls with the help of Anne Deng (TX) were marching on after their splendid performance on the team events! US girls had a clean sweep winning all six junior/cadet events in Canada - team and individual!

The sweat paid off! Most people probably can't even imagine how much efforts they've put into the sport. Hats off to the girls, their coaches, and parents!
Click here for the complete coverage of 2009 Canada Junior & Cadet Open - ITTF Junior Circuit, Laval, CAN, Aug 20 - Aug 23.

Monday, August 17, 2009

LATTF Team League Summary

by Adam Bobrow and David Del Vecchio

Why have a league:
  • To promote the sport and get more people involved and excited
  • To increase the amount of quality competition for players
  • Make your club known
  • To play a TEAM sport which will create social and networking opportunities
  • IT’S FUN!
What you need to do:
  • Talk to your fellow TT players and friends and get your teams together (3 to 6 per team)
  • Decide who will be team captain (that person will email results and coordinate the team)
  • Talk to your club owners for permission to represent the club and hold league matches at the club
  • Make sure every player on your team has a rating before submitting your entry form (ask the club owner if you need help)
  • Fill out an entry form with your team members and their ratings
  • Get $125 and give it you’re your club owner to send to the league
  • Get your club uniforms
  • Practice, play hard and HAVE FUN!
How it works:
  • You and your team will be assigned to a division based on the ratings of your top three players (top 6 teams = division 1, next 6 teams = division 2, and so on)
  • Your team will play the other 5 teams in your division 2 times… once at home (your club) and once away (their club)
  • The team captain will be given a schedule for the 4 month season (you will inform the league of any dates your team ABSOLUTELY cannot play).
  • Each contest will consist of 5 matches (2 singles, 1 doubles and 2 singles)
  • The winning team of each contest will earn 2 points, losing team will earn 1 point, a team that defaults (fails to show up on time or at all) will earn 0 points (OUCH!)
  • The division champion and runner up will be awarded prizes.
  • With these prizes or without you will HAVE FUN… you know.
League Positions:
  • League Coordinator: person who will talk with division coordinators and make sure all other responsibilities are being met
  • Division Coordinator: person who schedules matches for the season for their division
  • Website Manager: updates website with results, pictures, news and videos
  • Results Coordinator: person who collects results and sends them to the web manager
  • Data Entry: the person who inputs the results for USATT league ratings
  • Financial Manager: person who will process entry fees, maintain league finances and accounting
Board of Advisers
  • These people would meet and discuss the league specifics and rules. They would agree on what is in the best interest of the league and all the clubs participating.

8/16/2009 LATTF Initiative Town Hall Meeting

  • What: A meeting to form a team league in the Greater Los Angeles Area
  • Why: So that we may have a chance to keep up with the rest of the world
  • When: Sunday, August 16, 2009 11:30 AM (You will be treated to an elegant champagn brunch)
  • Who: People from various clubs in the Greater Los Angeles Area (Please RSVP by August 8th to or 408-887-3410)
  • Agenda: (including but not limited to)
    • Brief history of BATTF (Bay Area Table Tennis Federation)
    • Division
    • Format
    • Prize
    • Uniform
    • Scheduling
    • Fee
    • Q&A
    • Open Discussion
  • Where: Hollymont Castle, Los Angeles, CA
  • Parking: The Monastery of Angels, 1977 Carmen Avenue, Los Angeles at Gower. A limousine will take you to the Castle.

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

It's Your League

Every region has its own "personality". It will be difficult to use one set of rules on all areas. Also, a team league needs people's participation. In BATTF, we formed a Board of Advisers to oversee the league. (BOA)

It is probably a good idea to have a LATTF BOA as well since you know the area best. We will discuss this matter during the 8/16 meeting.

Also, thanks to generous Butterfly, Paddle Palace, and Larry Hodges, they have promised to donate some prize for a league not even yet existing.
  • Butterfly - major sponsor
    • One used Centrefold 25 Sky Rollaway table for top division used in tournaments like US Open and US Nationals, a $1245 value)
    • One $100 gift certificate for all division winners
    • One $50 gift certificate for all division runner-ups
    • Tremendous help behind the scene
  • Paddle Palace - ball sponsor
    • Every team will get half dozen of Nittaku Premium balls
  • Larry Hodges - league promoter
    • Two of his new books for all division winners
    • One of his new book for all division runner-ups

Hope we can get more.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Club Fee

Someone asked us about why clubs should participate. Great question.

Other than promoting the sport, here are a little bit of incentive.
  • No fee for club to participate
  • We pay $25 to the club for each team they form
  • All teams must be affiliated with a club and get approval from the club
Here is how we come up with the $25 per team fee:
  • Each division will have 6 teams. (plus or minus one)
  • All teams will play with teams in their division twice, one at home, one away.
  • So, each team will use your club to play five home contests in a season. (The other five will be played at other clubs.)
  • Each contest consists of 5 matches.
  • You will get $1 per match for your table time and effort.
  • $1 X 5 (matches) X 5(contests) = $25
  • Clubs will NOT charge for the visiting teams.
  • Some clubs let the visiting teams play for free after the team contests. The others charged drop-in fee. It is totally up to you.